Xiaomi 12 seen with MIUI 13! CUP Technology and more

Screen structure of Xiaomi 12 leaked with MIUI 13 screenshot! The first information about the screen has been leaked from Xiaomi!

Something strange was noticed in the MIUI 13 screen video that was leaked yesterday. The wallpaper was from MIX 4 wallpaper but there were differences in screen frame and screen size. Since Xiaomi does not have such a screen device, it should have been a device that has not yet been released. The absence of a camera in front of the screen, the curves and the ovality of the corners are different from all Xiaomi devices. This screen belongs to a device from the Xiaomi 12 series. Screen features and fine details will give us information about Xiaomi 12.

Xiaomi 12 Screen Specifications

In the leaked screen video, we see that all 4 sides of the screen are curved. When we compare the Mi 11 device with quad curved screen we see that the glare on the sides, top and bottom of the screen are similar. We can see that these glares are not exist in the Mi 10 series which they have dual curved screens. It looks like the Xiaomi 12 will come with a quad curved display like the Mi 11 series. It goes without saying how gorgeous the quad curved screen looks when viewed from the front. This difference can be felt even in the screen video.

Let’s compare it to MIX 4 as it has MIX 4 wallpapers. MIX 4 has a more angular structure. Xiaomi 12 has a more oval structure. While the glare is only on the edges in MIX 4, it is also present on the top of the screen in Xiaomi 12. The more shine, the more curve.

The MIX 4 upper and lower bezels are thinner than the Xiaomi 12. Therefore, the screen area is larger. In addition, the corner curves are larger due to the quad curver structure. Although it looks same size in the photo because the frame of the device is not exist in the Xiaomi 12’s screenshot. When we calculate with the device frame, it has a thicker bottom and top frame.

When we compare it with the Mi 10, we see that the upper and lower bezels are thick again. It may be due to the Quad curved feature. But on the Mi 10, the upper and lower bezels are not equal. In Xiaomi 12, the upper and lower bezels are close to equal. Therefore, we clearly see that it is a design that is more pleasing to the eye. It can be thickened to be even.

When we compare it with the Mi 11, we see that it has a narrower angled corner structure. The glare of the upper and lower curved part is less. However, we see that both of them have a similar fold. The clear glare is a bit more blurry on the Xiaomi 12. The height of the bottom panel is almost equal to the Mi 11. The top panel, on the other hand, appears to be thicker to be on par with the bottom panel.

When we look at the Xiaomi 12 screen protector leaked by Gizmochina, it is clear that the upper and lower curved parts are less than Mi 11. This may be the reason why the lower and upper glare is less. At the same time, the thickness of the upper and lower bezels is close to equal as in the screenshot. The ovality of the screen corners is also less than the Mi 11.

Looking at these comparisons, this screenshot does not belong to an existing Xiaomi device. The details that appear indicate that it is a device belonging to the Xiaomi 12 series. Now let’s look at other details.

Xiaomi 12 Pro May Have In Screen Camera

In the screen video of MIUI 13, there is no front camera. The first device with a front camera under the screen was the MIX 4. It seems certain that the MIX 5 device will also have a camera under the screen. However, if the Xiaomi 12 Pro also has an under-screen camera, the MIX 5 device may not be special phone. Xiaomi can also put an under-display camera on the Xiaomi 12 Pro to use the under-screen camera in the Global market. Because the MIX 5 series will be exclusive to China.

Although the MIX 4 device has an under-screen camera, there was a round hole in the screen protector where the camera was. In other words, Xiaomi placed the under-screen camera in the middle of the screen and added a hole to the screen protector in order to give a high quality photo results. There is a hole in the same place in the screen protector leaked by Gizmochina. This gives us two possibilities. Either the Xiaomi 12 Pro will have a camera under the screen or there will be a camera hole in the middle of the screen.

Look carefully at the middle of the MIX 4 screen protector. There is a gap that coincides with the camera hole. The same gap is present in the Xiaomi 12 screen protector.

Xiaomi 12 Pro May Have Piezoelectric Speaker Just Like MIX 1

When we look at the screen video of MIUI 13, we see that there is no front handset. Since there is no front handset hole, we think that it can act as a handset by sending vibrations from under the screen, just like in MIX 1. We couldn’t find a code with device codename in Mi Code. Its accuracy is not yet certain. But there is a possibility.

This is the photo of the Xiaomi 12, Mi 11, Mi 10, MIX 4 screens. When we look at the 4 devices, we see that there are 4 different devices. Not Mi 11 pattern, not Mi 10 pattern, MIX 4 can’t be anyway. It is not difficult to guess that this device is an image of Xiaomi 12 or MIX 5.

Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro will be introduced in China on December 28, 2021. It will be out of box with MIUI 13. Also MIUI 13 will be introduced on December 28. Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro will be Xiaomi’s most powerful, best camera devices. Also, the Xiaomi 12 series will be the first Xiaomi device to debut with Xiaomi’s new naming style. Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro will also be available in the Global market. 


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