Xiaomi has reduced the wireless charging speed of Mi 11 Ultra!

Xiaomi reduced the wireless charging speed of the Mi 11 Ultra with the MIUI 13 China Beta 21.12.28 update.

Supporting 67W wireless fast charging technology, Mi 11 Ultra’s wireless fast charging interface was first set to 50W with the 21.12.27 update, then the maximum wireless charging speed was 50W with the 21.12.28 update. Xiaomi is doing this because of the new regulations introduced by the Chinese Government. To briefly mention the new regulations of the Chinese government, it has been announced that as of January 1, 2022, wireless chargers produced, imported and sold domestically can charge a maximum of 50W, and this value cannot be exceeded.

This photo is of the new wireless fast charging interface of the Mi 11 Ultra;

This photo is the measurements of instant wireless charging speed of Mi 11 Ultra after 21.12.28 update;

You see the photo, usually the wireless charging speed hovers in the 49-50W range.

Do the Chinese government’s regulations cover wireless chargers that were previously put up for sale?

The Chinese government’s statement on the subject is as follows: “Before the issuance of this regulation, chargers with wireless fast charging over 50W can in principle be used until they are scrapped.” Xiaomi previously introduced charging pads based on 80W wireless fast charging technology and sold these charging pads to users. You can learn the fast charging technology introduced by Xiaomi by clicking here. Despite this statement, Xiaomi is ignoring the 80W wireless fast chargers it launched before, moreover, it had previously launched the Mi 11 Ultra with 67W wireless fast charging support, but has now set it to fill it with maximum 50W wireless charging support. With this move, Xiaomi will have lied to its users who bought the Mi 11 Ultra. Mi 11 Ultra users will react to this situation, let’s see what happens soon…

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