Xiaomi introduces brand new products alongside Civi 2: Powerbank and Bluetooth Headset!

Xiaomi gears up to release new products in China! Although it’s not always the case, Xiaomi typically releases its products firstly in China before releasing them in global markets. Here’s the new stuff from Xiaomi!

Xiaomi 5000 mAh Powerbank

Xiaomi’s new powerbank packs a 5000 mAh battery inside. The powerbank weighs only 127 grams and is designed to be portable. It has a cylindrical shape and since it’s meant to be a compact device, single Type-C port has input and output support. It can charge the devices at 20W MAX.

You can juice up your devices if you need a little more extra battery since it’s very easy to carry around. In China it’s priced at 129 CNY (18 USD).

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset

Xiaomi typically introduces true wireless earphones, but this time they release a brand new Bluetooth headset. It comes in three different colors: Ice White, Neon Blue and Night Dark. Xiaomi releases this headset under “Necklace” branding.

It has LLAC codec support and it’s IPX5 certificated. As Xiaomi advertises, 10 minutes of charging will offer 7 hours of battery life. New headset has ANC (active noise cancelling) and can reduce the sounds up to 43 dB. It will be priced at 499 CNY (70 USD) after the crowdfunding.

What do you think about new Xiaomi Powerbank and Bluetooth headset? Please share your thoughts on Xiaomi’s new products!

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