Xiaomi Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 is here, brings larger display and battery.

Xiaomi brings a new product to the Mijia series, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 has been introduced. The screen and battery of this updated smart thermometer are larger than its predecessor, a longer battery life is promised as Xiaomi claims.

The display shows basic data such as date and time. It receives the date information from the Bluetooth-paired device. Since the device itself does not have access to the Internet, Bluetooth is preferred while receiving data. In addition to the date, Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 allows you to see temperature and humidity information.

CR2450 battery is used in the Mijia Smart Thermometer 3. One battery can last for 1.5 years. The Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 has an LCD screen and this screen measures 62.6mm x 53.2mm.

Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 has 2 buttons at the side, the upper button allows you to change what is seen on the screen. This new smart thermometer is priced at 49 CNY in China (7 USD).

Mijia Smart Thermometer 3’s preorders begin at 10 AM on December 20 and it will be on sale at 10 AM on December 22. It will be available through official Xiaomi channels in China.

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