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Xiaomi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8: A powerful speaker to ease your life

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We’ve seen Xiaomi entering the audio technology industry with its affordable and quality headset and portable speakers. Xiaomi’s audio devices are known to have great built quality and immersive sound. Xiaomi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker pro 8 is no exception. As the name suggests this speaker comes with an 8-inch touchscreen display and XiaoAI functionality. Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker pro 8 also features a dual-array omnidirectional microphone. It’s quite clear that we are facing a quite successful series of portable-speakers models built by Xiaomi, which are capable to deliver excellent performance and a feature-rich experience at a very good price. continue reading to find out more about the Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8

Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 features and specs

Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 is a smart speaker that features an 8-inch touchscreen display. To enhance the listening experience this speaker has a triple bass boost, and also comes with third-generation Xiao AI. The smart display speaker can be used to watch movies, do video calls, and listen to music. It can also be used as a High-definition large-screen digital photo frame.

152mm the Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 Measures 88mm × 201mm × 152mm and weighs 682 g. The speaker is made up of ABS, a thermoplastic polymer, and the display is made of glass (well, of course). In terms of design, the smart speaker features an 8-inch display mounted over the speaker unit. The design looks pretty unique, it’s different from other smart speakers such as Echo and Google Nest. Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 comes in a single white color.

The smart speaker comes with flagship-level sound quality and offers better bass dive. It features 3 bass enhancement units to provide better bass. It also 50.8mm NdFeB internal magnetic speaker to provide an immersive audio experience. Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 also comes with master Ingenuity Tuning by the Xiaomi audio team to help you enjoy the high-quality, high-dynamic-range sound.

Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 comes equipped with the new MIUI Home, which lets you control the whole house scene, lighting, environment, sockets, curtains, and other smart devices from just one screen. It can control Xiaomi IoT platform devices, and can also control 261 other IoT platform devices.

You can also connect more Bluetooth devices in your home to the Internet and link with other smart devices to create a smarter home system. For example, in the “smart” function of the Mijia App, you can associate temperature sensors, air conditioners, and humidifiers to achieve Automatic adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity.

Xiaomi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8 can also be linked with smart doorbells such as Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3, so when a visitor comes to ring the doorbell, the speaker screen will display the screen outside the door in real-time. You can choose the voice-changing intercom mode to interact with the visitors without opening the door.


How to activate Xiao AI?

Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro 8 comes with the third generation Xiao AI support. In case you don’t know, Xiao AI is Xiaomi’s very own voice assistant. This new assistant in the smart speaker can listen and interact with you. You can ask Xiao AI to set the alarm clock, check the weather, check traffic on your route, and much more. It can help you find your phone.

Xiao AI can be activated by saying the wake-up. You can customize the wake-up word from the app. Xiao Ai can also be used to control smart devices such as Mi Tv and speakers.

Xiaomi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8 price

Xiaomi XiaoAI touchscreen speaker Pro is priced at 599 yuan which is around $94.02. This product is a China exclusive so the firmware will be in Chinese and Xiao AI will only respond to commands in Chinese. Xiaomi AI touch screen speaker English firmware is not available, at least not from a reliable source.

To sum up, I would say this speaker is pretty cool, it can help your transform your whole house into a smart house. This Xiao AI speaker can act as a smart spear and also an 8-inch display to watch movies and videos. It’s design looks unique and something out of the box. You might also want to check out Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Art and Xiaomi XiaoAI Portable Speaker

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