Xiaomi’s first global phone with eSIM support: Xiaomi 12T Pro!

Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 12T series on the October 4 event and for the first time ever a Xiaomi phone comes with eSIM support! Many smartphones have actively used eSIM in the past. Some Android smartphone manufacturers, from Samsung to Google have been supporting eSIM. Apple also has released the iPhone 14 series with eSIM only in US.

What is eSIM used for?

Actually, eSIM technology makes transferring between carriers significantly easier. The programmable SIM card is physically soldered into the motherboard of the smartphone and eSIM cannot be taken out.

Although a non-removable SIM card may seem like a horrible idea, you won’t need one any longer because switching between carriers and phones is now done digitally. If you want to use your SIM on another device or change your carrier to another one, your phone’s settings app is where you change your eSIM and complete the process. The process may vary on each phone.

Xiaomi 12T Pro with eSIM

We told earlier 12T Pro is the first global phone made by Xiaomi that supports eSIM. Redmi Note 10T has eSIM support as well but Xiaomi made it available only in Japan.

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Xiaomi publishes an official list, it includes the majority of the European nations. You can reach the full list from this link. Note that only the  global version of Xiaomi 12T Pro supports eSIM.

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