Five Reason for Switch to MIUI which is Xiaomi OS

MIUI is a modified Android ROM developed for Xiaomi smartphones by Xiaomi. There are different versions for each Xiaomi phone, and each version has variants such as Chinese, Global, EEA, Russian, Indonesian, India, Taiwan and Turkish according to the regions where the phone is sold. Xiaomi devices usually get an Android version update but MIUI updates three years. Xiaomi has a number of apps available to the base framework, including the Notes, Backup, Music, and Gallery apps. MIUI, which has been operating for a long time, is appreciated by users. The interface, which offers many customization possibilities, is liked by many.

Why Switch to Xiaomi

MIUI, which has a large number of users, receives constant updates. User friendly interface is liked and preferred. So what are the reasons to prefer it? In this article, you will learn five reasons to use MIUI.

Floating Windows

With this option, which is available on most Xiaomi phones, we can use two applications at the same time and place them on the desired area of ​​the screen. Before explaining how to use it, we should know that there are multiple requirements to be able to use it, the first is to have MIUI 12 and the next is to have a high-end or mid-range smartphone. To use it, open the receent app first. Press and hold on the app you want to use in Recent app. Choose floating window from the options above. You can see the floating window on the screen. Floating Windows is reason to switch to MIUI.

Control Center

The new control center that comes with MIUI 12 is compared to the Apple control center by many users. The control center, which has changed with the updates, has switched to a new design with MIUI 13. The control center, which is possible to control the volume, is appreciated by the users. To use the control center; First, open the settings, then click on Notifications & Control Center. You will see “Control center style” on the screen that opens, you can select the style you want from this section. Control center is reason to switch to MIUI. Click here for use MIUI 13 control center on MIUI 12.


Sound Assistant

The voice assistant, introduced with MIUI 12, prevents the sounds from interfering with each other during multimedia playback. For example, when you open a video or a game while listening to music, it prevents the music from stopping. This feature, which allows the volume to be adjusted separately for the apps, is definitely worth a try. It is possible to set different settings such as music volume 70%, game volume 100%. To activate this feature, you first need to use MIUI 12 and above ROM. First, open the settings and click on the “Sound & Touch” section. You will see “Sound Assistant” here. You can turn on the voice assistant feature you want from the sound assistant section. Sound assistant is reason to switch to MIUI.

Super Wallpapers and Crystallization Wallpapers

Two new super wallpapers were introduced with MIUI 12. Super wallpapers with Earth and Mars options have had more options with updates. The Saturn planet option was introduced with the Mi 10 Ultra. With the MIUI 12.5 version, the super wallpaper that comes with the Siguniang Mountain option can change in real time according to the time of the day. There are five different super wallpaper options. Super wallpaper is reason to switch to MIUI. Click here for How to use Super Wallpapers for Android Phone.

Crystallization wallpapers, introduced with MIUI 13, show how substances like vitamin C and citric acid crystallize. Different concentrations of these substances form mesmerizing crystal patterns, while time-lapse photography through a polarized light microscope reveals their breathtaking variety. Crystallization wallpapers are reason to switch to MIUI. Click here for crystallization wallpapers.


MIUI interface has many animations. Animation added and edited with updates offers a successful user experience for users. The interface, which offers a lot of animation and blur effects compared to its competitors, does very well in terms of feedback. Animations are reason to switch to MIUI.

In this article, you learned five reasons for MIUI switch. MIUI is getting more successful day by day as a user experience. Aiming for user satisfaction, Xiaomi achieves this very well with its MIUI interface. Follow Xiaomiui for more tech content.

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