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Get Google Photos Unlimited Storage for Free (LSPosed)

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Unfortunately, Google Photos has a limit to how much you can store in online storage. Google Photos unlimited storage is possible but it is a device specific perk that you will not be able to obtain without having a Pixel device. That is, however, only the case through official means. The good news is even though Google Photos unlimited storage capacity is only offered for its own Pixel devices, you can still get it on a non Pixel device with a simple trick!

Google Photos Unlimited Storage

Google Photos offers a 15 GB of storage capacity for you to store your photos and videos. While Pixel devices are exempt from this limit, other brands suffer from it. If you have root access in your device however, this limit is quite easy to bypass. And since this app is a Google app, you can safely store even your private photos online. In order to bypass this storage limit, you need to download a Magisk module that will help spoof your system to enable Pixel device privileges.

Google Photos unlimited storage

Things you will need in order to remove the limit:

  • Magisk
  • LSPosed
  • Pixelify_gphotos_v4.1 APK

You can find LSPosed module from our LSPosed content that goes about what it is and how you can install it:

LSPosed Framework: What is it and how to install

After installing and activating LSPosed, download and install the app that will remove the limit on storage from the releases of Pixelify-Google-Photos repository:

Pixelify-Google-Photos Releases

Once you have installed it, open LSPosed app and enable this module. Google Photos app will be automatically selected in the app list, so all you need to do at this point is to reboot your device. You might need to clear the data of Google Photos app after reboot, so do a long press on the app in your launcher, go into App Info and clear the data. Once these steps are done, you now have Google Photos unlimited storage capacity perk on your non Pixel device.

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