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How to Enter Fastboot Mode?

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In this article you will learn how to enter Fastboot mode. There are many different methods for entering Fastboot mode. You need to enter Fastboot mode when you need reaprir your partitions on some devices. Or if you want make IMG backup your partition, this is the healthiest way.

How to Open Fastboot with Buttons

First of all, if you want a faster process close your phone. And press Power+Volume down button for 4-5 sec in the same time. After that you will see Fastboot menu. Now you ready for use Fastboot mode. If you don’t have ADB drivers follow this article.

And another way to enter Fastboot mode with buttons. Long press the Power button while phone screen is open. And tap “reboot”. Then press and keep volume down button until Fastboot mode shows.

How to Open Fastboot with Magisk

If you have Magisk, entering the Fastboot mode is so simple. Open Magisk manager app and tap the icon of next to the settings icon. Then tap to“Reboot Bootloader” section. After fev seconds you will enter Fastboot mode.

How to Open Fastboot with ADB

A different way is entering via PC. For this method you must have installed ADB drivers on your PC. If you don’t have, get it here.

Firstly you need open USB Debugging. You can open it with following that article. After that connect your phone to PC. Then open CMD. Type “adb devices”. You must see your device like that.

Then type “adb reboot bootloader”. And wait, you will see your phone rebooting to Fastboot mode. Now you can use Fastboot mode.

How to Open Fastboot with Terminal

You must have root for use this method. Download Termux, and type “su”.

After that, type “reboot bootloader” and tap enter. When you tap enter, phone will reboot to the Fastboot. Then you can use Fastboot mode.

How to Open Fastboot with app

Also you can use 3rd party apps for rebooting to Fastboot mode.  You can use this app or you can download an app yourself. This too requiring root access. First download and open the app. And give root permission. Already the app has basic design. Just tap reboot bootloader button and you will see Fastboot mode.

How to Open Fastboot with LADB

Firstly this method no requiring root. You need to setup  LADB with this article. After setup, type “reboot bootloader”. And phone will reboot to Fastboot mode.

Now you can backup your partitions, repair your broken partitions or you can flash Fastboot roms. If you looking for exiting Fastboot mode, you can follow this article. And if you have problems with Fastboot mode click here for solving them.

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