How to translate all apps with AllTrans

AllTrans does use a translator to translate apps from within the app. It doesn’t work like Google Lens. Replaces the text with the translated text instead of putting the translated text on top of the text. The sentence was a little confusing, but you will understand when you read the article. Thanks to this application, you can use non-multi-language applications such as Coolapk in your own language. Let’s move on to the installation steps of the AllTrans app!


  1. Magisk, if you don’t have magisk; you can install it following this article.
  2. LSPosed, if you don’t have LSPosed; you can install it following this article.
  3. AllTrans app.

How to install AllTrans app

  • Open the LSPosed app. Then tap the download icon on left-bottom. Then you will see downloadable modules. Tap the search box and type “all” and select AllTrans. Then tap the releases button and tap assets button. Assets of AllTrans will pop-up, download and install it.
  • Then you will see a notification from LSPosed app. Tap on it and select AllTrans app here. Then tap enable module button. It will select recommended stuffs. But you have to select the apps that you want to translate. Select those apps and reboot your device.
  • Now you must open the AllTrans app. After that, you will see 3 sections. First one is app list, seconds one is settings for all apps, third one is instructions. Tap the global settings and select  translation provider. Google is recommended, but you can select what do you want.
  • Then go back the “app to translate” tab. And find your app for translating. Unfortunately the app hasn’t an app search box. So you need to find via scrolling to down. If you found the app, firstly tap the little box to enable app for translation. Then tap the app name for adjusting translation settings. After that you will see some settings. Enable “override global settings” as global settings will not be stable for all apps.
  • The select the app’s stock language. While doing this, a pop-up will appear. If you downloading the language files for first time, tap download. No need to repeatedly download the same language for subsequent uses. Then select the target language. Everything above applies to the target language as well. Usually you do not need to change the other settings.

And thats it! you set the AllTrans app. You can see the comparisons below. As you can see, Instead of pasting text on the text like Google Lens, the application turns into the language you want.

It is highly recommended module if you are using Root and LSPosed. Instead of dealing with Google Lens, you can use your app designed for your language in just a few steps! Also, if you are using LSPosed with Zygisk, the application you want to translate should not be in Denylist. If the application is in Denylis, LSPosed modules cannot access that application and therefore the module becomes unusable for that application.

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