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MIUI 13 Update: All New Features Here

A pre-release version of MIUI 13 was released today along with MIUI 13. Let’s take a look at the features added in this version.

MIUI 13 has been developed by Xiaomi since July. MIUI 13 was not an interface for the new feature. Xiaomi managed to make the MIUI interface quite smooth and faultless with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. Xiaomi will take this stability even higher with MIUI 13. We have announced that MIUI 13 is not focused on a new interface design, focused on performance. We were not mistaken and MIUI 13 came as we expected.

New MIUI 13 Control Center (doesn’t exist in pre-release of MIUI13)

This control center was originally leaked in April but was not taken seriously. This control center, which belongs to MIUI 13, is not currently available in beta.

MIUI+ Beta Hand-Off Feature

With this feature, you can use the classic MIUI + features with tablets. When you copy a text, the text you copied appears on your tablet. When you watch a video, you can transfer this video to your tablet with one click.

New Super Wallpapers

MIUI 13 brings new live wallpapers inside it. You can download and see all static wallpapers from MIUI 13 here.

New MIUI 13 Logo

The new MIUI 13 logo is designed to be blue if you are a beta user, and colored if you are a stable rom user. You can read all the details here.

New MiSans Font

The new Mi Sans font adapts a different design language to the system. You can read our reviews of this font here.


MIUI 13 is a much more fluid UI than MIUI 12.5. Application opening speeds, in-app menu speeds have been accelerated by 20% to 52% compared to MIUI 12.5.

Xiaomi continues to introduce the features of MIUI 13. Devices with MIUI 13 will be able to use these features. You can use these features if you have a device with a beta update. You can use MIUI downloader app to download.


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