Upcoming MIUI updates come with new bloatware!

According to new information we received today, upcoming MIUI updates will come with extra bloatware apps! MIUI is popular user interface of Xiaomi devices stands out with its elegance and unique features, however, extra bloatware apps it contains can be annoying. Unfortunately, according to the information we received today, bloatware apps seems to increase.

MIUI 14 now has extra new browsers

Some MIUI ROMs now come with bloatware browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Mi Browser. According to information from Kacper Skrzypek, Opera Browser is available on devices bloatware and can be uninstalled on Global, but not on Indian. Currently, Opera Browser isn’t available on other regions, outside of Global and India. Starting from the March 2023 Security Patch, Opera Browser will be part of prebuilt bloatware apps on devices running MIUI 14 Global and India regions.

However, Mi Browser won’t be available in India region ROMs due to the Indian government’s ban on the Mi Browser for personal data breach. It’s also noteworthy that when MIUI 14 was announced, Xiaomi promised fewer bloatware apps, and users would be able to uninstall unwanted ones. Xiaomi’s current action is contradictory to its promises, weird. These bloatware apps will be available in future updates, and new regions are expected to be added over time.

We can still help you with this issue, if you want to get rid of these apps check here. Bloatware apps will be annoying. So what do you think about this subject? Do you think it is the right move for Xiaomi users? Don’t forget to give your opinion and stay tuned for more.

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