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Use your old smartphone as new creative devices!

Don't want to throw them down? Check on these methods!

You’ve finally bought your new smartphone and it’s time to say goodbye to your old device, But ever known that there are ways to use your old smartphone for the better? Your old smartphone can’t do the things your new device can, right, but it can still be used for various types of things. Let’s say you bought your new Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and yet, you still want to use your old Xiaomi Mi 9T. Here are the ways how you can use your old smartphone.

Use your old smartphone: The ways on using the old device in the best way possible

The Xiaomi Mi 9T you bought 3 years ago has ended its lifespan today, But if you still want to use your device, we found out the best ways to use it for the best purposes:

  • Ghost Phone
  • Portable Facecam
  • Portable Cinema
  • Portable Microphone
  • Car GPS
  • MP3 Player
  • Install a Custom ROM
  • Sell your old phone

Ghost Phone

You might need your old phone as a burner phone to feel secure, with this way, you can protect your private data without going afraid of being hacked. And also to keep your identity secure on social media sites, a ghost phone can do well. Here’s how to use your old smartphone as a ghost phone.

  • Use a VPN to access everything on the Internet, You can check on our VPN app, VPNVerse by clicking here.
  • Create a burner Google account, using your main account on a ghost phone might seem fishy.
  • Don’t use Online transactions, transactions might leave some trails.
  • Turn off your microphone and camera if your phone supports it.

Having a ghost phone in order of being safe might be a good idea, the government can still trace out illegal activities, so better not be using these methods for illegal activities.

Portable Facecam

When your Laptop’s webcam sucks at quality, or your PC does not have a camera at all, iVCam is here to help!

  • Download iVcam from here for Android, and here for Apple iOS devices. And here for Windows.
  • Install iVCam for PC and Android/iOS.
  • Do as the tutorials in the app say.
  • Kudos! Your portable webcam works now!

With a tripod and a good front/rear cam, you can make the perfect webcam out of your old phone based on your desire. This is one of the perfect ways to use your old smartphone.

Portable Cinema

Let’s say your new phone is AMOLED, and you’re too afraid to watch hours and hours of films on Netflix with it. You can still use your old phone as a portable cinema, you can screencast your device on your Android TV to do so, or just put the phone onto a place you can watch your movie without any problems. By using your old phone as a portable cinema, you will not be interrupted by calls or messages. This is also one of the perfect ways to use your old smartphone as well.

Portable Microphone

Let’s say you don’t have a microphone, or your microphone’s quality is not as good as your phone’s. This old but handy application, WO Mic, is the best Phone to PC microphone app that is ever made for Android and iOS.

  • Download WO Mic from here for Android, and here for Apple iOS devices. And here for Windows.
  • Install VC Runtime before installing WO Mic on windows by clicking here.
  • Install WO Mic on Windows, Reboot.
  • Start WO Mic from Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Pair WO Mic’s IP number from PC if connected from wifi, pair your phone to your PC via Bluetooth, and pair from WO Mic if connected from Bluetooth.
  • That’s it! Your microphone has been connected.

In this way, you can use WO Mic to make your phone a portable microphone. This is also one of the best ways to use your old smartphone as well.

Portable Car GPS

You might not have a GPS attached to your car, and you don’t want to use your phone in hot sunny weather, but you can still use your old phone in your car.

  • Download Google Maps on Android by clicking here, for iOS by here.
  • If your car has a power outlet, attach your phone to charging,
  • Put your phone into a place where you can see the GPS easily.
  • Kudos! Now you can use your old phone as a GPS!

Using your old phone as a portable car GPS is the perfect way to use your old smartphone in the most useful way possible.

MP3 Player

You might have important files on your daily phone and can’t be bothered to use a music player to play music while doing important work, fret not, Streaming services and MP3 players are here! You can use your old phone as it is an iPod with these two apps, Spotify as a music streaming platform, and Poweramp, as a real MP3 player. This is also one of the best ways to use your old smartphone as well.

Spotify is a music streaming service, Spotify is known for its average pricing system, offering 320kbps MP3 music, having the largest music library of all time, and having a social friending system, you can see what your friend is listening to, their playlists, and everything else. You can also check out our app for seeing what your Spotify friends listen to in real-time on Android/iOS devices. You can check on Spotibuddies by clicking here.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts – Apps on Google Play

Poweramp is the best MP3 player on Android ever made. The developers of this special MP3 player app have given the listener, the ability to do everything. Theme editing, Equalizer editing, Reverb setting, you name it! Poweramp has various settings on having the best sound experience. Also has up to 32bit 192kHz Hi-Fi support for the phones that support it.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial) – Apps on Google Play

Install a Custom ROM

If your phone supports a custom ROM, flash it immediately. Custom ROMs are the firmware that is made by the Android community, taking the kernel sources from the phone manufacturer and modifying them, resulting in Custom ROM development. Some custom ROMs might have better performance and better battery life than usual, You can check which performative custom ROM to install by clicking here. This is also one of the best ways to use your old smartphone, intellectually.

Sell your old phone.

Selling your old phone can be great for getting some money, There would be times that you need extra cash for various reasons, such as buying something desired, paying taxes/debts, you name it. Selling your old phone may be also the perfect solution, but if there is no need for extra cash, it would be good to keep the phone. This is also one of the ways to use your old smartphone. For gaining money.

Use your old smartphone: Conclusion

Those are the perfect ways to use your old smartphone. All at once, Those tips and tricks might help you on finding a purpose to still use your old device as a secondary companion. It may not be as good as it is when you first bought it, But it still has some use inside.

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